Why choose Iceil ?

Unique and Elegant Interior Design offering Great Ambience

We can help you create elegant interiors through our wide variety of Stretch Ceiling, designer floor and wall concepts. There is no limitation on what can be achieved in your interiors.

Only Stretch Ceiling Manufacturer with 5M UV Printer in India

We are the only stretch ceiling manufacturer in India with a 5M UV Printer in India giving us the ability to offer Printed ceilings up to 16 FT without joint in a short implementation timeline. We Manufacture our Stretch Ceilings in Chennai.

Wider choices suiting customer budget including transparent pricing model

Iceil offers a huge range of stretch ceiling options suiting all customer budget needs. Our pricing model is very transparent and unique, offering the best value for the customer.

Provide single solutioning for Ceiling, Wall and Floor Concepts

We are the best stretch ceiling supplier in India. One of our unique offerings is that we provide Printed Concepts for Covering the Wall, Floor, and Ceiling. We can make any of your dreams come true.

Innovative& Customizable Lighting Solutions

With every stretch ceiling, you can expect a smooth, professional finish that looks great. The options for color, texture, shape, and design are pretty much unlimited.

Resistance to Moisture, Humidity, and Vapour

Our Stretch Ceilings are moisture-resistant and hence can be installed in any rooms where the temperature is under 50 Degree Celsius. It can be installed in a High Humid atmosphere as well.

Hygienic, Low Maintenance and Durable

Being the best stretch ceiling supplier in India, we state that our Ceilings doesn’t attract Mould, Smell, or Dust, and it's very easy to clean and maintain. We offer a 10 Year Warranty on our Stretch Ceiling which makes it the most durable ceiling option available in the market.

Rapid Installation

A stretch ceiling can be rapidly installed in under a day, sometimes even just a few hours, keeping any disruption to your home or business to a minimum.

Energy Efficient

The air gap between your stretch ceiling and the original ceiling can help provide insulation. This can be amplified via the use of additional insulation and acoustic materials in the air space.

Easily Replaceable, Dismantled, and Reinstalled

Iceil Stretch ceiling is connected to your walls via aluminium frames. This makes it incredibly easy to remove and replace if you want to update your design or change color. The Stretch ceiling can be dismantled and reinstalled in a site as long as the dimensions are equal to or less than the original

Fire Retardant & Waterproof

Our stretch ceilings have the ability or tendency to slow up or halt the spread of fire. ICeil Stretch ceilings India are waterproof, protecting rooms from the risk of leaks and floods. If a leak does occur the ceiling expands to accommodate the water and once this is safely removed it returns to its original form.

Perfect Print Quality from THE EXPERTS

With our expertise in the printing domain, we offer the best quality stretch ceilings in India.

Technical Specifications

Maximum tensile strengthup to 17 Mpa
Maximum ambient temperature-25 ° to +40 °
Chemical Composition74%PVC, 26% plasticizer
Transparent rate50% to 75%
Thickness0.18mm, 0.22 mm, 0.25 mm
Width1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 2.7m, 3.2m, 3.6m, 4.0m, 5m.
Length100 meter
Broken tensile262%

How Iceil differs from Competitors?