Stretch Ceilings –Much STRONGER than you can imagine

Stretch ceiling, latest trend in customised lighting and ceiling solutions is being included in solutions across India by leading interior designers and architects. Appearance and texture of stretch ceiling attracts most of the people who are interested in defining the ambience of the place they live. However, the slim look of the stretch ceiling membrane creates the impression that the product can’t remain in good condition for a longer duration.  But the reality is the stretch ceiling can last for more than 20 – 30 years.  We can help you understand more about the stretch ceiling and its characteristics

Maximum Tensile Strength

Usually stretch ceiling membrane comes with maximum tensile strength. Stretch ceiling membrane has unique ability to expand and shrink. For example, when we place an object over the stretch ceiling membrane, the canvas material expands and when we remove it, it retains its original state. Do you know stretch ceiling can withstand the weight of the human adult?  Please have a look at the video to get an understanding on how strong the stretch ceiling membrane is.

Water leak proof

In case of a water leak, stretch ceiling has the capacity to hold a large volume of water. The water stored in the stretch ceiling can be easily drained by removing the stretch ceiling membrane and releasing it.

Fire Retardant

We at Iceil, No 1 Stretch ceiling manufacturer, produce the best stretch ceilings which qualifies the European safety standard on fire retardant characteristics. Our stretch ceiling material doesn’t catch or spread fire and doesn’t generate droplets. Please watch the video for more information.
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