Why stretch ceiling are perfect for Wet / Humid rooms?

While Constructing & Renovating wet rooms like bathrooms and swimming pools, one of the main concerns is that the solutions must be moisture resistant. Stretch ceiling will be great solution in such cases. Stretch ceilings are alternative to any kind of ceilings, But they are formed with canvas film which doesn’t react to any chemical detergent like chlorine, sulphur and other corrosive atmospheres. This specific feature of stretch ceiling qualifies for styling the swimming pools and bathrooms. Let us analyze why stretch ceiling will be the best for renovating moisture spaces.

Stretch ceiling for Swimming pool

Fire retardant

Stretch ceiling membranes are created based on the European fire safety standard DIN 4102 (B1). When any fire accident occurs in the space, the stretch ceiling canvas will be less affected by fire. They just leave some smoke.

Beautify the space

Main reason why interior designer suggests stretch ceiling for their interior is the unlimited designs that they bring to your space. Usually, people like to décor their space with picture, paintings. With printed stretch ceiling, any design can be achieved.  If you are the person looking for minimalist look, then you can go with translucent stretch ceiling or glossy lacquer ceilings.

Moisture Resistant

Usually stretch ceiling can sustain in any type of weather condition. They are installed with the help of aluminium profile. If you are thinking to recreate swimming pool with stretch ceiling, you will have some doubts like whether the aluminium track used to fix stretch will get easily rust. But you don’t have to worry about it. The ceiling membrane and tracks won’t get affected by the moisture present in the place. Interior made out of stretch can withstand for many years.

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