Stretch ceiling – Perfect choice for restaurant

Stretch ceiling has become architects favourite choice for restaurant. Odourless nature of stretch ceiling makes them perfect for designing interiors of restaurants. We at Iceil provide world class stretch ceiling service across India. Let us discuss how stretch ceiling can be helpful to style the restaurant.

Stretch ce

Quick installation

Easy installation makes stretch ceiling unique from traditional ceiling. While renovating, there is no need to evacuate the things from restaurant. Stretch ceilings can be installed overnight without halting your operations and its dust free installation.

Colourful patterns

Restaurant interior must have premium look to attract the customer. Stretch ceiling allows the designer to style the interior with multiple choices including Printed, Translucent, Lacquer and Fibre optic ceiling. Even if you are thinking to décor the interior with restaurant logo, this can be possible with the help of printed stretch ceiling. Click here to view our stretch ceiling collection

Value for money

Durability of stretch ceiling is very high and it can last for several years. It needs very less maintenance and we can assure that stretch ceiling will be in good condition for many years.

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