Pros and cons of 3D Stretch Ceiling

3D stretch ceiling is one of the striking revolutions in the interior design world. Nowadays, we can see more 3-Dimensional structure in public place like malls, city hall etc. These can be done with the help of 3d Forms stretch ceiling. These 3-dimensional structures transform the space into most spectacular one. 3D stretch ceiling visually creates the impression of enlarged space. This article may help you to know more about 3D stretch ceiling.

stretch ceiling iceil

Pros of 3D stretch ceiling

Unique patterns

Any type of geometric shape is practically possible in 3D forms stretch ceiling. This highlighting feature makes it stand out from other type of ceiling. Combination of different geometrical shape like arches, spheres, waves and domes are being used to achieve dimensional structure.

Easy installation

Even though the structure of the 3D stretch ceiling is complex, they can be easily installed with trained installers.  The base structure of the 3D view is implemented using either woodwork or MS fabrication work.


The only disadvantage of 3d Form stretch ceiling is that they might occupy little space, but no other ceiling can provide you modern and bold look of a 3D Form stretch ceiling.

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