Stretch ceiling on a wall

Stretch ceiling is the most innovative concept in the interior industry. Most builders recommend stretch ceiling to decorate offices, restaurant, residence etc. They are mostly implemented on the ceiling of your interior. But this type of ceiling can be achieved on wall also. When stretch ceilings are installed on the room, they can enhance room’s acoustics and alter the appearance of the room. Do you want to know how stretch ceiling works on the wall? In this article, let us see how stretch wall are installed.

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How stretch ceiling works on the wall?

Installation of stretch ceiling is carried out by fixing the fabric over the perimeter profile. Same procedure is followed for installing on wall. The metal or wooden support given to the stretch ceiling will not be visible at the end of installation. stretch ceiling on the wall gives modern look to your interior.

For designing home theatre interior, stretch ceiling are widely used. Acoustics property of stretch ceiling creates best environment for home theatre. Minimalist look of stretch ceiling makes them more appropriate for office environment. Also, they have a unique capability to filter the unnecessary background noises. The fabric of stretch wall won’t get damaged easily. But we should be cautious to keep sharp object away from the stretch walls.

Many retailing outlets uses Led stretch wall to display the products. The fabric covered over the stretch walls are designed to be removable. If there is necessity to change or alter the display, we can update it easily by removing the fabric skin. Usually, these type of stretch walls are also used in museum, art gallery, entertainment centre etc……


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