Stretch ceiling shapes

Stretch ceilings can be shaped into any forms. More complex structures can be formed with the help of stretch ceiling membrane. Usual shape of stretch ceiling is flat surface. Based on the customer’s need, stretch ceilings can be modified into various structures and shapes. Stretch ceilings membrane is designed to be flexible. Multi-level, cone, wavy, arch are some of the shapes that can be taken by stretch ceiling. For luxurious look, modern shapes stretch ceilings are used to style the interior.

Stretch ceiling image

Flat surface stretch ceiling

This is an ordinary form of stretch ceiling which can be used to cover the ceiling. In this type of ceiling, different textures can be applied. One of the better replacements to hide external damage in the existing surface.


Multi-level structures are usually used to give luxurious look to your space. These structures are more complex in nature. These designs are formed by expert technicians. Multi-level stretch ceilings are most applicable for play zone, shopping malls, etc. They can be designed in multicolor. Combination of layer with another layer makes to form hierarchal structures.


Conical stretch ceiling actually looks like dropdown cone. Its 3d dimensional view transform your entire space into an elite interior. Some of them prefer to use conical as an independent object. But they can be combined with multiple objects for providing versatile look. The tip of the cone can be designed to droplet or oval or circle.


Most interior designer plays with wavy stretch ceiling to decorate the swimming pool or spa. They look similar like sea waves. In wavy stretch ceiling, the height and intervals of stretch ceiling can be adjusted. Glossy effect of lacquer ceiling is an excellent option for forming wavy type stretch ceiling. Because it gives the presence of real moving waves. In this wavy type stretch ceiling, their colors can be varied based on your choice.


Usually, arch type stretch ceilings are used for creating dome-like structures to the interior. According to the design, the radius of the arch can be reduced. You can see these types of structures in church, city hall etc. Behind the ceiling, we can add colourful lights. They are mostly used as decorative elements.

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