European Vs Chinese Stretch Ceilings

In the interior industry, stretch ceiling concepts are spreading all over India. Every stretch ceiling company in India will say that their stretch film is sourced from a European manufacturer.

  • Is European stretch material really better than Chinese Stretch material?
  • Is your stretch ceiling supplier in India really supplying you with European material as they say?
  • What information can you ask your supplier to validate their claim that they are supplying genuine European material

Let us explain you some information related to this to help you in selecting the right stretch ceiling supplier in India

Stretch Ceiling was invented in the Year 1969 in Europe and gained its popularity across the world. By 2016, Europe region is the largest supplier of stretch ceilings, with a production market share nearly 37% in 2016. China is the second largest supplier of stretch ceilings, enjoying production market share nearly 30% in 2016.

There is a Myth and False Propaganda created in the Indian Market by certain manufacturers that European ceilings are better in quality and is Safe to use. But the actual fact differs. How can Chinese stretch ceiling have 30% market share in production if there are hazards in using them or if they are of low quality.

At Iceil we procure materials from premium manufacturers in Europe as well as in China. Let us educate on the difference between European and Chinese Stretch Ceilings

Stretch film Width

As per European standards, Stretch manufacturers were producing rolls only up to a width of 2 Meter until 2020. In 2021, Renolit – one of the leading manufacturers in Europe started production up to 3 Meter.

In China, stretch ceilings are manufactured up to a width of 5 Meters. This enables the opportunity of offering wide span ceilings without joints.

Stretch ceiling suppliers in India who claim to source only European ceilings were in fact buying materials from Chinese manufacturer and providing wide span ceilings without joints.

Stretch film Thickness

European stretch ceilings are generally 0.17mm Thickness while Chinese Stretch ceiling offers thickness from 0.17mm to 0.30mm.

Some of the factors that are affected by thickness are Translucency, Durability while Installation and Weight of the ceiling.

There are advantages as well as limitations of higher thickness, but as an end product there is not much difference.

Fire Retardancy

Both European and Chinese materials are manufactured with BS2D0 / BS1D0 fire retardancy. But there are some Chinese manufacturers who manufacture and supply materials without any fire retardancy for lower cost. This is one challenge where many local suppliers buy low-priced materials without fire retardancy.

This is the situation where you have to be careful in choosing the right manufacturer and supplier in India.

At Iceil, we are very specific that we buy only BS2D0 / BS1D0 materials from the most premium manufacturer in China. We can substantiate this with evidence like fire retardancy certificate, physical testing and purchase invoices. We also purchase materials from European manufacturers.

You can always ask for purchase invoices/fire retardancy certificate as a proof and validate if the certificates are recent in nature

Organic Plasticizers

European Stretch manufacturer used this as the major propaganda to dampen the product expansion of Chinese stretch manufacturers. European countries can never reduce the cost of manufacturing in comparison with Chinese manufacturer. The only way that they can achieve a win over their counterpart is to make an accusation on the basis of health hazards.

European manufacturers accused that Chinese stretch ceiling manufacturer use a production substance called phthalates. Phthalates are one of the most common substances in our everyday environment and are mainly used as a plastic softener (as plasticizer). It is proclaimed that these substances create some health hazards in kids

But this is more of a false propaganda made by European manufacturers. Please read the article below to find out that Phthalates are there in many products that we use in our daily life.

At Iceil, we procure materials from Chinese manufacturer who only use Organic plasticizers. This can again be verified through REACH + ROHS Certification that we possess from our manufacturer

ICEIL Stretch Ceilings – Competitve Advantages in Indian Market

  • We have both European stretch Ceilings as well as High Quality Chinese Stretch Ceilings. We are the only manufacturer in India who is very transparent about this and supply the products what we promise.
  • First Stretch Ceiling Manufacturer with 5M UV Printer in INDIA
  • Stretch Ceiling Delivery in 3 Days timeline across anywhere in India
  • Wide variety of stretch ceiling products
  • Growing Franchise Network enabling best service network
  • TUV Certified Factory (ISO 9001:2015 in ACC. with NORD)


Both European and Chinese Stretch ceilings are great products. Chinese stretch ceiling are lesser in cost because of China being a global manufacturing hub. Also import costs are lesser for Chinese products than for European products owing to the geographical proximity.

Also, many European manufacturers have now outsourced their production to Chinese manufacturers for cost effective production. So, the European ceiling that you buy might be manufactured from a Chinese factory and shipped to India through Europe.

There are Chinese manufacturers who supply low quality stretch ceilings for cost effectiveness and some of the Indian suppliers do buy from them and offer low grade stretch ceilings. Be cautious on selecting the right supplier / manufacturer in India so that you are not deceived by the false and fake information.

Please always ask for certifications and latest procurement invoices from your stretch ceiling supplier / manufacturer in India to prove that you are getting the right product, be it European or Chinese

As we know very few suppliers talk the truth about the source of materials and its always best to do the right research before you buy the right product

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