How to Fit Stretch Ceiling System into my Space

Stretch ceiling one of the best options for a false ceiling. Nowadays everyone like to decorate the interior with modern stretch ceiling panel. They are very popular because of its highlighting properties like versatile design, flawless finish, rapid installation etc. Do you know how stretch ceilings are installed? The process of installing stretch ceiling is very simple. Depending upon the choice of stretch ceiling their installation process will vary little.  Let us see about how stretch ceilings are fitted to the ceilings.


Choose the right spot

When you are going to install stretch ceiling, we have to be caution where the stretch ceiling has to be fitted. Stretch ceiling are mostly applicable for residential, medical, educational and health and leisure interiors such as swimming pool, bars, restaurants and gyms. Before installation, please make sure about the spot. Once the stretch ceiling is installed, they will be in good condition for a very long time.

Decide your canvas material

Depending upon the space, choose your favourite texture and colour. If you want to make your space bigger, go for translucent or gloss finish stretch ceiling. Other than that, plenty of versatile fabrics like stain, matt are available. If you thinking to print your own photography in the wall, it is also possible with printed stretch ceiling.

Select the right supplier

Many industries started to manufacture stretch ceiling product. There will be lot of confusion in choosing the best stretch ceiling service. It is best to enquire all of the best stretch ceiling service. But we can promise that our stretch ceiling service are best in industry. Many customers visit us because of our genuine product and quality service.

Installation requirements

You can’t believe that there is no need to prepare your space for stretch ceiling installation. We can install stretch ceiling with out evacuating the things. These types of ceilings can be fitted on the existing surface.

Fixing Aluminium profile

During the installation process of stretch ceiling, first we will attach the profile to the four sides of the wall or ply boxing. Then the fabric is placed over the profile. The aluminium tracks are fitted based on the shape and size requirement of the stetch ceiling.

Improving the elasticity of fabric

When the profile is attached, the canvas is covered over the aluminium track. With the help of spatula, we will fix the edge of the ceiling membrane to the harpoon of the profile. Once the corner of ceiling membrane is hooked up, the same procedure is followed for other corners. we will blow the heat over the canvas to cover the full ceiling surface. This will increase the elasticity of the fabric. Installation experts will check whether ceiling membrane are uniformly placed. If there is an imbalance in fixing ceiling membrane, it will get skewed at the early stage of installation


One of the main advantages of stretch ceilings, we can attach any kind of lighting. For lighting facility, strengthening rings are attached to the canvas. We can make holes in stretch ceiling for fixing light and other systems. In Translucent and Printed stretch ceiling, the lighting is installed behind the stretch canvas.

Hope you got an idea about stretch ceiling installation. If you need to know more info about stretch ceiling, we are here to guide you. Please visit our website.

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