Stretch ceiling – Best for entertainment centre

Stretch ceiling will be perfect to decorate the leisure area. It is now popular among many architects and interior designer. Exactly stretch ceiling act likes hanging ceiling whichis formed by combining fabric and aluminium profile.They are available in huge range of design, style and finishes. For fun filled entertainment places like pub, club etc stretch ceiling will be excellent choice for upgrading the look of the interior.

Here are some of the amazing features of stretch ceiling, which helps you to understand why it is best in the interior industry.

stretch ceiling

Advantage of stretch ceiling

  • Installation of stretch ceilings is carried out in few hours. We don’t need to repair the existing ceiling surface to fix the stretch ceiling
  • During the installation process of stretch ceiling, there will be no dust or dirt over the place. Generally, Interior work creates a lot of construction waste. But while installing stretch ceiling, the entire premises will be clean.
  • Usually, stretch ceiling don’t react with chemical gases like sulphur and chlorine. It is completely safe for the environment. If any fire accident happens, there will be less smoke and damage
  • They act as a best insulation material which maintains the air gap between the original ceiling and the stretch ceiling. Micro-perforated holes present in the stretch ceiling helps to boost room acoustics. Also noise reverberation in the room can be controlled using stretch ceiling
  • Stretch ceiling offers modern finish to your interior. They are known for their different texture like matt, glossy, translucent etc. Innovative design can be implemented in stretch ceiling. Due to its wide range of design, most architects prefer stretch ceiling for decorating interiors.
  • Lighting makes the space more beautiful and affects us both physiologically and psychologically. To make the space more colourful, we can add lighting as per your need to the stretch ceiling.
  • Stretch ceilings film has maximum tensile strength which makes them possible to hold large gallons of water. They safeguard the building from water leakage.

Nowadays most public places are renovated using stretch ceiling because of its unlimited benefits. Reach us out for a world class stretch ceiling experience. For more ideas visit

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