Different types of Stretch Ceiling

Thinking to style your interior with stretch ceilings? We at Iceil manufactures different types of stretch ceiling. Stretch ceiling comes in various textures like Matt, glossy, Perforated, and Translucent. If we choose glossy type stretch ceiling, it will give spectacular look to your interior. Using perforated type stretch ceiling will boost your room’s acoustics. Similarly, each texture has a unique feature that makes your space popup. Let us see about stretch ceiling types and its variations.

Types Of Stretch Ceiling

Lacquer ceiling:

Lacquer ceiling offers an elegant look to your space. These type of films are usually glossy and comes in plain colors. High gloss lacquer ceiling bounces maximum light around the space. We recommend these types of stretch ceilings will be best suitable for a dark and/or windowless space. Many designers prefer white glossy lacquer to make a rich ambiance. These ceilings are also available in various textures like Cloud, Matt-White, Metallic Gold, and Wood Finish. These types of ceilings are cost-effective.

Translucent ceiling :

In translucent ceiling, the light is installed on the backside of the stretch ceiling fabric. The light filtering through the fabrics rejuvenates your space. Long-lasting lighting elements like LED Rigid Bars are mostly used in translucent ceilings. We can control the colour temperature. These lighting doesn’t affect the stretch ceiling film.

Printed stretch ceiling :

Any kind of design can be implemented in printed stretch ceiling. Our company’s printed stretch ceiling products are best in the industry. For manufacturing printed stretch ceiling, we are using high-tech UV printer. We are the first stretch ceiling manufacturer in India with a 5M (16 Feet) UV Printer. In printed stretch ceiling, the canvas is printed with high-quality special water-resistant inks. No other stretch ceiling company can match our image quality. Customers can choose any image like landscape, paintings, clouds, or any other photographs. We can décor the printed stretch ceiling with lighting.

Galaxy ceiling :

Galaxy ceiling is the most attractive stretch ceiling. It creates an impression that we are in the galaxy. In galaxy ceiling, we can see flickering and color-changing stars. This can be achieved with the help of fiber optic technology. Based on the customer’s requirement they can be customized.

3d Forms :

3d Form is an innovative concept in stretch ceilings. Have you ever imagined how 3d forms are formed?  These types of stretch ceilings are formed with multilevel framing structures. Using the latest fabrication technologies any architectural form can be implemented. They can be designed in any form like arcs, cylindrical, wavy etc. They are mostly used in renovating swimming pools, airports, shopping malls etc.

We have only explained some of the fast-moving stretch ceiling products. Want to know more information?  We are here to help you.

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