Improve your room acoustics with stretch ceiling

Stretch ceiling acts as the perfect acoustic solution for your room. If you are exposed to high sound around your space, transform your room with an acoustic stretch ceiling. These types of stretch ceilings are naturally built-in with micro-perforated canvas. They minimize the spread of the sound making your place more pleasant. Let us see how the acoustics stretch ceiling works

Working process of acoustic stretch ceiling

Everyone feels disturbed, when they hear high volume of sound from neighbourhood. To avoid this situation, install an acoustic stretch ceiling to your ceiling. The micro-perforated present in the ceiling canvas absorbs the external noise and reduces their intensity. Thus they prevent external noise from entering into the room

stretch ceiling

Improving the acoustics of your room can be achieved by perforated stretch ceiling. These types of stretch ceiling products are usually moisture resistant. The micro-perforated holes present in the stretch ceiling material are not visible to human eye. Due to its noise absorption property, they will decrease the penetration of external noise. They are best applicable to the home theatre room. It enhances the acoustics of your room

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