High gloss Lacquer Ceiling

Lacquer ceiling is considered as one of the best stretch ceiling which creates a glossy look to your interior. Due to its reflective finish, it will upgrade an ordinary place into an elite ambiance. These types of stretch ceilings brighten up your room and also make your space larger. It will be suitable for all types of interiors. We can decorate the lacquer ceiling by adding lights. Let us know the benefits of the lacquer ceiling.

High gloss celing

Key features of lacquer ceiling:

  • Makes your space more elegant
  • Requires less time to install
  • Brings more light to your space
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Less maintenance

Lacquer ceiling acts as a great choice for renovating places like malls, showrooms, spas, swimming pools, etc. They can also be implemented even in small rooms. Glossy finish of the Lacquer ceiling enlarges the size of the room. They come in different colours. If you want to make your interior stand out, then prefer lacquer ceiling. it transforms normal space into an attractive spot.

If you are interested to install lacquer ceiling, contact ICeil a leading stretch ceiling manufacturer.



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