Starry Galaxy Ceiling made with Stretch Ceiling

Galaxy ceiling is one of the unique creations in the stretch ceiling. In childhood, everyone had dreamt of sleeping under the sky, but that was impossible at that time. Now with the help of technology, we can even bring the galaxy into your space.

 Galaxy celing

Variations in Galaxy ceiling

Galaxy ceiling can be done in two ways using LED and Fibre optics. If you need to have static one, you must prefer stretch ceiling with a graphical image. You can select your favourite sky image, it will be digitally printed on the canvas material. When the lighting is provided to these stretch ceilings, it creates the visual of galaxy. You can really feel the presence of the sky.

Starry galaxy ceiling can also be done with the help of optical fibre. During the installation process, small fibres are inserted into the material to give the starry effect. In the final stage, the fibre will not be visible. when you see the completed product, it looks like moonlight sky with flickering stars. It will be a visual treat to your eyes. You can also change the colours of the stars and brightness of the ceiling.

Most people will prefer these types of ceiling in bedrooms, home theatres, entertainment spots etc. if you are interested, reach us.



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