Translucent stretch ceiling – Light up your space

What is a Translucent Stretch Ceiling?

Translucent stretch ceiling is considered as the future of the interior décor. These ceilings come with inbuilt LED lighting which diffuses the light uniformly. These ceilings can be customized to any shape. Translucent ceiling gives the stylish look to your interior. It visually enlarges the space of your room.

Translucent stretch ceiling

LED Lights given behind the Translucent ceilings can be designed to be tunable. They can be dimmed based on your mood. Also, color temperature of LED light can be adjustable to pure white, warm white, and bluish-white. We can also add printed image to the translucent ceiling.

In Translucent ceiling, light freely passes through the canvas materials making your space more elegant. These ceilings can be used in various places like offices, residential areas, and entertainment centers.


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