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Lighting Solution for Stretch Ceilings:

It’s very important to use the right LED lighting solution for stretch ceiling as it will directly affect the longevity of stretch ceilings. Often incorrect lighting solutions are used by different applicators resulting in re-investment on the stretch ceiling products.

Generally translucent stretch ceiling has 70-80% of translucency and Printed Stretch ceiling has 50-60% translucency based on the colours in the print.

Incorrect use of LED Solutions will result in:

  • Hotspots or dark areas, which are more visible in Translucent Ceilings
  • Low lifetime. Cheaper or incorrect LED Solution will result in colour shift and lumen reduction over a period of usage
  • Discolouration of stretch film caused by heat produced by the lighting solution.
  • Frequent servicing of LED solutions with Stretch film removal increases the risk of film damage


Good parameters to look for in a stretch lighting solution:

  • LEDs with 170 Degree lighting angle to uniformly spread the light across the film
  • Energy efficient LED Solution (Atleast 100 Lumens per Watt). This will be cost effective with lowest energy consumption
  • Good CRI (Colour Rendering Index) > 80%
  • LED solutions with dimmer option so that the power consumption is directly proportional to the amount of brightness needed.
  • Distance between Lighting source and Film to be 75-150 MM. Ideal 150 MM

LUX Levels – By Application Area:

  • In areas where we do tasks like reading, it is recommended to increase the LUX to 200.
  • In the office environment, where computer-based work is done, it is recommended to use 400-500 LUX.
  • For the retail environment, around 500 LUX is needed.
  • In the workshop area where detailed work is done the recommended level is 500-700 LUX

Iceil Lighting :

  • 5 Inch Spacing between Rigid bar, 1 Rigid Bar is 10W
  • Colour Temperature – 3000K to 9000K Or RGB or Tuneable (3000 – 6500K)
  • On an Average 500 W for 100 SQFT. Power consumption can be decreased by adding a dimmer control (1 to 100%). Power consumption as per percentage used
  • 170 Degree Lens to spread the light uniformly
  • 12V / 24V SMPS with 3 / 5 Years Warranty (Epower Noiseless Drive), Rainproof Drives for Standard Lighting solution with 1 Years Warranty
  • Rigid Bar Length 1M (8 Dots)
  • Easy to Install
  • 24V Rigid Bars (Please check advantages of 24V Lighting)


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