What is stretch ceiling?

Your possible solution to many problems. The No.1 advantage stretch ceiling systems offer is a perfectly smooth ceiling, which may become a prominent and exciting element of your home’s interior design. 

You can rest assured that your stretch ceiling will never crack and won’t gather mold or dust. Unlike an ordinary drop-ceiling, popcorn ceiling, or regular drywall ceiling, a stretch ceiling won’t get crumbly or discolored with time.

To get a better idea of what a stretched ceiling is, picture a beautiful glass ceiling made of a single piece of glass.

Like this already?

Read on then. We offer a wide selection of pleasant colors for your future stretch ceiling, so you can pick your favorite or whatever matches your interior best. You can choose the type of finish: glossy, matte, or satin.

It’s a common concern that a stretch ceiling installation may take long or create a mess like other types of construction work. 

The good news is, with a stretch ceiling installation this is not the case! The entire process takes just a few hours and typically leaves no debris or dust in the room.

Let’s go over the advantages a stretched ceiling offers in comparison to a drop-ceiling, popcorn ceiling, and regular drywall ceiling – and even to refreshing your existing ceiling job with a touch of paint here and there.

The advantages are, in fact, obvious.

– Only stretch ceiling systems give a perfectly flat ceiling surface, just like a sheet of glass.
– A stretch ceiling won’t get discolored with time. You won’t have to paint the ceiling over and over again.
– Stretch ceilings never crack nor crumble.
– A stretched ceiling is resistant to mold and mildew. Stretch ceiling is moisture-proof.
– It reflects well on you: if you pick a warm glossy finish for your stretch ceiling, it will visually enlarge the space of your room. And you’ll just need to look up in order to see a proud owner of a new stretch ceiling in the reflection!
– Last but not least, stretch ceiling installation requires no preparation of the existing ceiling surface. For example, if you have no regular drywall ceiling in the basement and want to cover all those pipes and cables, go ahead and have our friendly professionals install a stretch ceiling system – and save on the regular drywall ceiling installation, plaster and paint along the way.

Make the right choice and go with stretch ceiling systems – an attractive, affordable, and long-lasting solution for your home. 

In what rooms can stretch ceilings be installed?

Whether it is for commercial or residential use, stretch ceilings are well suited for hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping centres, hospitals, offices and private residences.

Stretch ceilings are waterproof and moisture resistant, so can be used in rooms with high humidity such as swimming pools and spas and in case of leaking, can hold up to 10 litres of water per square feet.

Is it possible to print an image on a stretch ceiling?

Yes, the ceiling fabric can carry the picture of any color and saturation. You can choose an image. The image should be high quality.

What are the benefits of stretch ceilings?

Stretch ceilings will protect your home or apartment interior from water damage. It can hold over 35 gallons of water, and once the water is removed the ceiling will go to its original shape.
Our ceiling will enhance your sound and thermoinsulation, hide defects and will last for many years without fading, peeling or cracking.

Stretch ceiling system does not create condensation, it is fire retardant, does not absorb smells. It is easily dismountable, washable, non-toxic and non-allergic, and by its nature demagnetizes dust particles.

Combination of various types of lighting and a possibility to photo print pictures can change visual perception of the room’s space, establish a special environment and unite the interior zones into a single composition.
This material is eco-friendly, fire-safe, it does not absorb odours, and it reliably covers the systems of lighting, ventilation, burglar and fire alarms. 

It is also fungus and mould-proof.
The canvas can be easily dismantled, partially or completely, if necessary (e.g. in case of flood, to pump water out, or in case of moving, to decommission the entire system).

If I install a stretch ceiling, how much of my existing room height will I lose?

The standard distance that the stretch ceiling is mounted at is 1 inch from the existing ceiling.

How can a stretch ceiling be cleaned?

Use soap or just plain water and a soft cloth. Do not use abrasives, thinners, or any other aggressive chemicals.

What kind of lighting fixtures can be installed with the stretch ceiling?

It is possible to combine any type of illumination with the stretched ceilings with some capacity restrictions. Incandescent lights should be under 50 watts; halogen lights -under 35 watts.

Do I have to remove furniture before installing a stretch ceiling?

The fewer items in the room the easier and quicker the process of installation. If you cannot remove the furniture you have to provide access to walls by moving furniture to the center. 

It is advisable to remove especially valuable items and plants from the rooms prior to installation of stretch ceiling because the indoor temperature is brought up to +120 F.

Is it necessary to prepare the ceiling surface to install a stretched ceiling?

In most cases, it is not necessary to clean the ceiling surface from old finish materials. For example, it is enough to “open” plaster where cracks are seen, and remove the parts that can fall down.

Can I paint my stretched ceiling?

Stretched ceilings made from the PVC film (film stretched ceilings) cannot be painted. Alas, if the ceiling color has to be changed, then the entire fabric must be replaced. 

You should treat it like replacing wallpaper. Your bargain: in case you replace the ceiling installed by our company before, your price will be much lower than the initial stretched ceiling installation price.

The fabric-backed ceiling can be painted up to 10 times. However, we do not recommend doing it yourself:you’d better rely on professionals.

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